Sunday, 18 December 2011

Research and Planning- Health and Safety

Health and Safety;
Potential Danger
Potential Outcomes
Actions to Avoid Potential Outcomes
Benefits to filming in this Location
Do the Benefits outweigh the Risks?
Getting cold outside.
Actors and crew who are helping can get ill from the cold.
Make sure when off camera all actors and crew are wearing coats to keep them warm.
Everybody involved is in charge of bringing and putting on their own coat to keep warm.
Tripping over the tripod.
Actors, crew and members of the public could end up injured.
Keep the tripod out the way of the public as much as possible and make it clear that there’s a potential danger. Eg- gaffer tape around the area of the tripod
I’ll take responsibility for putting down gaffer tape if I use the tripod and wherever I place the tripod.  
Laura’s high heels.
She could trip over and injure herself.
Do as little movement as possible whilst wearing the shoes, if a change of location takes place then the shoes must be changed to sensible ones.
Laura is responsible for bringing her own pair of sensible shoes but i will make sure she changes them.
Tripping over lighting kit power cables.
Injuring self. Electrocution.
Cables are to be gaffer taped to the floor for the duration of the shoot.
This will be my responsibility to make sure i have the gaffer tape and all cables are taped down.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Working Progress- Shotlist

Shot list.

Extreme Close up on Face
Mid shot- zooming in onto an extreme close up on face
Panning around the face with a close up.
Establishing shot of her standing in the woods
Long shot of her standing up
Mid shot her standing up.
Long shot to close up on face
Panning around her feet in the leaves
Establishing shot whilst she’s sat down in leaves
Close up of her hands playing with leaves
Panning around her (360 degrees) whilst she’s sat down in the leaves
Establishing shot when she’s knelt down ripping photos
Zoom from long shot to mid shot of her ripping photos
Close up of the photo being ripped
Close up on her face whilst she’s amongst the trees standing up

Close up on her hand knocking on the door
Close up on his phone ringing (him in the background blurred out.
Establishing shot of the house
Close her of her face
Close up of his face
Long shot as she walks away
Panning up her body as she walks away
Panning up his body as he walks down the stairs to the door
Long shot as he runs after her
Mid shot, 2 shot as they argue
Close up on his face
Close up on her face
Long shot as she walks away
Close up on both their faces together on sofa
Mid shot on the sofa
Establishing shot on sofa
Close up on bra being out from the sofa
Close up on his face
Close up on her face
Long shot of them both
Long shot as she walks away
In room- long shot of them play fighting
Mid shot of play fight
Close up on hands
Close up on faces
Close up on faces as they argue
Mid shot as they argue
Long shot as they argue

Establishing shot of them walks around the lake
Close up on them holding hands
Mid shot as they walk

High street;
Over the shoulder shot as she sees him walking with the other girl
Close up of all friends faces and her face
Mid shot of him and her (from the side) as they walk past

Mid shot of them both looking at each other
Pan down from head to hands as she sets fire to the photo
Close up on hands
Close up on flame
Close up on him shocked
Close up of her laughing
Zooms out to mid shot of them both
Follow the pictures on fire as it falls from her hands to the floor in front of him
Zoom out to see her walking away
Pan up her body (feet to head) whilst zooming out while she’s walking away
Finishing with a close up of the photo and fire on focus and his feet in the background

Research and Planning- StoryBoard

Research and Planning- Time Managment

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Research and Planning- Cast

Laura Davis;
Main girl (the star/ singer)
Laura will be the main girl and therefore will be performing the narrative parts and I will also have her just singing in various locations. I think she's suitable because she has the right style, and i know she's reliable to work with.

 Rob Maddison;
Main Guy; He'll only be performing the narrative parts of my music video. I think he's suitable because i feel he has the "right look". Rob and Laura also already know each other, and therefore will have the right sort of chemistry I'm looking for in my video. Laura and Rob also live close together, which is close to my location where the majority of the video will be filmed, therefore I know he'll be reliable.