Thursday, 29 September 2011

Research and planning- Music Video Research

The song I've chosen is This Love- Maroon 5. This genre is also Pop/rock.
The introduction to the song starts with shots of the band sitting around. The lighting quite natural. then it cuts to an image of the lead singer of the band, again with natural lighting. For the rest of the introduction the clips continue cutting between the band and the lead singer who's with a girl. for the verses the video is the lead singer with the girl, the first verse is him being rejected by her and then walking off, (which is almost literal to the song lyrics)
and the second verse he's again with the girl and again its almost literal to the lyrics. All the chorus's he's singing with his band, like its a performance. The bridge is different, the cuts and the edits are very fast, and off beat which doesn't follow the process of synaesthesia like Goodwin suggests.
Although the songs about negative feelings, the music itself is quite upbeat. The costumes and the backgrounds show this through Goonwin's theory of synaesthesia.
during the verses the video does have a narrative, But it misses our vital pieces of information about the relationship he actually has with the girl so this leaves the audience to use there imagination. During the chorus's there isn't any narrative, it's just clips of the band playing together.
This is the edit i thought was quite significant
The story is based around the lead singer Adam Levine. There's a lot of close up's of him when he's singing in the choruses with the band. During the the verses the camera very much focus's on his story, both during the first scene where the girls rejecting him and the second sex scene. This links back to Goodwin's theory of the stars persona. The camera very much concentrates on the star. The videos very much giving the star a classic "Rock Star" persona. eg- "Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll" as this is the first song Maroon 5 released there showing there audience the kind of band they want to be.
The Video consists of a lot of close ups and a lot of of master shots. But one thins i noticed that was quite significant is the bridge, the editing in this is something that's not very common in music videos. The cuts are quite but there's also a filter over the images.All the edits are cut to the beat which links back into Goodwin's theory of syneathesia.

This videos amplifying, it has a story line that's irrelevant to the content of the song. Yet on the other hand it is related to it in one way. Some of the scenes from the video link into the lyrics, and other scenes don't. which make it part Disjunctive.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Research and Planning- Music Video Research

This first video is Paramore- Brick by Boring Brick. The genre is punk/pop rock.Each cut in the video is made the the beat but its very discrete.
This image cuts straight to this one... its on the beat but its very discrete but makes it run smoothly.
The Pace of the editing is very slow and smooth. The music isn't actually slow but its very calm as are the lyrics. Near the end of the song, when the bridge kicks in, the music livens up and becomes less calm and the editing changes too. The cuts become quicker and the lighting becomes music darker to match the music.
For the verses, although the clips are always different, there similar to one another in what's actually being shown. e.g- For the verse it's always one of two images....

The Chorus's are again the same, the little girl continues to explore this "magical" looking place, and Hayley Williams (the main women)Stays by the hole that's being dug the whole time. Although, in the verses she tends but standing up more and in the chorus's she seems to be sitting around the hole.

The First 23 seconds of the song is an introduction, with only music. The musics smooth in this part and quite repetitive, during this the image goes from watching the wind blow leaves with the camera moving forward as if the winds blowing it too, and then as the music slightly becomes more jumpy the camera cuts to see the little girl running to the beat. Other than that there's no other examples of synaesthesia. The is Goodwin's theory of seeing the sound.

The Majority of this videos is narrative. The video cuts to and from shots of a girl running and exploring this magical land. and shots to an adult women singing.

Although the video doesn't actually tell us this but it looks a though the adult women is the little girl when she's grown up. The story in the video is the story of the little girl and we see everything she doesn't right until the end of the video. The part of the story which is withheld is the part which explain to us where the girl is, what all the creatures and people she see's are,
and why she falls in the hole at the end, other than that we see her whole story.
In the story the star (Hayley Williams) is portrayed to have a very innocent look about her. She's wearing a white dress which has values of creating innocence. Also the lighting behind her as a very golden look to it which also portrays good and evil, the gold's portraying good. Goodwin would use this to explain the star image. Through out the video there are a lot of shots of the star and the little girl. The majority of which are either close ups or mid-shots. The camera pans a lot, and doesn't do very many other movements. There's a lot of editing in this video. The first bit we see is at the very beginning when The women's swinging on the swing, its been made into slow motion. A lot of this video will of been made in the edit suit. For example though-out the whole video leaves are falling down, this will have been done in the edit suit.
This is another example of a part of the video that had been done in the edit suit. Behind the knight are lots of cartoon looking giant mushrooms. This isn't a common feature that is found in music videos and it makes this one quite unique. The mise en scene in this video also contributes to it being unique. A lot of the scenery and the costumes are made to look like a fairy tale. (the knight, the castle, the girls in dresses and the golden filter on the lighting.)Also some of the characters and there costumes in the video add a "child's story book" look to the video.

This video has many characteristics as to why is amplifying. One of which is because it does have story to it, but it's not necessarily the true meaning of the song. The videos been given an extra layer of meaning. Having said that, there are some aspects to the music video which suggest its disjunctive. Some parts are the video are completely irrelevant to the song, but nevertheless they work well. But also, within this, some parts of the video take a literal meaning. "bury the castle" and through-out the song somebody's digging a whole, whilst a little girl is discovering the castle.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Research and Planning- making the busted video

During the making of the busted music video I found the hardest part was actually making the shot list to it was identical to the original video. Although whilst making my own music video I know this problem wont occur. The other thing I found to be slightly hard was trying to lip sync. but I know with practice this will get easier.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A2 Tasks- Research and planning.

When planning and researching I found the most useful task was creating a shot list. This was because it saved a lot of time when actually shooting because we didn't have to keep stopping to discuss amongst ourselves. I personally think that we should of researched further into props and costume. (e.g. we didn't have a pencil with us )In future we need to be more prepared.

This is a preview of our storyboard;

This is our shotlist

For the Main project when we plan we'll have to;
make a shot list, story board, cast list, prop list, and health and safety.

Cast List;
Chrissy- Girl1
Charlotte- Girl 2
Rest of group are filming and directing or extra's to fill up the classroom to make it look more realistic.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A2 Tasks- Production.

With-in the edit suit (Premier pro)I found syncing the audio with the clips (lip syncing) perfecting was a new experience and I found it quite hard and a lot of work to begin with. But I've now realised it's a very useful skill to have.

A2 Tasks- what we did.

First of all we did a lip sync task. This was preparing us for when we do our coursework and make a music video. The point of this task was to show us how much time and effort goes in to lip syncing well. From this I learnt how hard it is to get it dead on else it'll make the video look bad.
The second task we did was making the first 30-50 seconds of the Busted- "that's what I go to school for". This task was to show us how hard it was to actually make a music video, and it was a practice for us for when we make the our real music video. This task taught me how time consuming planning, filming and editing was. I realised how many clips we had to make of just one shot to get the angel and positioning perfect. I'll take all this into consideration when preparing for my music video.

Monday, 12 September 2011


This years coursework project is creating a music video and making a digipack to go with it.
The band I've chosen are not yet established. They're called "Rara and the Vine project" The song I've chosen is called "who needs you now".