Friday, 9 March 2012

Closing Post

Here is my coursework blog with research and planning, production work, and evaluation of my production. This blog is now complete and ready for assessment.
Thank you.

Evaluation Question 4

During my research stages I used several media technologies. The most popular one I used was Youtube. This is because I needed to look at other videos to get an idea of the type of thing I'd want to put into my video. I also looked at different shots done according to what type of genre it is and how the stars being portrayed.
I also used Blogger a lot as this is how I recorded all my findings whilst researching. Google also played a big part of my researching as I used this to look at other artists digipaks and adverts to again see which would be the best style according to genre.
This already shows that I've been using media 2.0 a lot. This goes to show just how important it is and how much it effects people. For example as an artists Media 2.0's allowing people to view there work and they're music. 

The most useful technology I used was Facebook. This is because this is how I got in contact with the artist and in contact with my performers. Also once I got further into planning my print work and my music video I started a focus group where I posted pictures of my performer to see what the audience thought about her and I posted images of my story board on there too. This was useful as I got to see what the potential target audience thought and whether I needed to adapt my ideas. 
Another media technology I used was my phone. I used this the most as whenever I needed to get in contact with my performers or the artist it was the quickest and easiest way. Also whenever I had a fresh idea it was useful as I could quickly type it down ready to add into my plan. This potentially widened my creativity as I could add in original ideas that if I didn't have my phone with my at the time I possibly wouldn't of remembered. 
Again with the planning I used google. I used this to look at the artist Banksy. Banksy was my inspiration for the orginal ideas i had for my print work. 
I used a nicki d60 DSLR camera whilst researching and planning a it more with my print work. I also used Prezi for my pitch. I really enjoy using prezi as i find it simple to use and find it look good and more interesting when needing to present something.

during the creation of my music video and print work i used many other media technologies. Such as a Panasonic HD DV camera. This is obviously the most important tool as it's what i used to film my whole music video. I feel that the camera itself was very good, but it took me a while to get used to it. I had a few instances which effected the creation of my music, for example a few times i thought i pressed record when i didn't therefore recorded the wrong things and didn't record the things i wanted. Another extremely important media technology that i used was Adobe Premiere Pro, this was the editing suite i used to edit my music video. I find Premiere Pro easy to use and really enjoy using it. For my print work i used the Nikon D60 DSLR camera again and to edit the photos and create the digipak and advert i use Adobe Photoshop. I found photoshop very confusing and i didn't like using it. But I'm sure if i managed to get much more practice in i would find it much easier and actually not mind using it more often.
I again used youtube during my creation. I put my final music video on youtube and this is how people have managed to watch it so far. To get audience feedback i used Facebook a lot, this was useful as it meant i managed to get quick and easy feedback."Technological determinsin presumes that a society's technology drives the development of its social structures and cultural views" I feel that with the presence of media 2.0 peoples opinions are altered. I think that media 2.0 makes people more self obsessed and has made society less secretive. and It's this that alters peoples true opinions. 

Evaluation Question 3

From my audience feedback, i can tell that people were shocked when they saw the narrative. I feel that this is a good thing. This shows they all understood what was going on and they also managed to link it to other media text. A few people managed to link it back to the media text i was inspired by and others by text i didn't think of before.
I think some members of my audience could relate to this text and therefore had more pleasure from it than others. I also found this was mostly girls, which is what i originally intended during the planning period. I think my text does offer girls more pleasure than boys, this is because in my video the females are being made victims and the male is being made the bad guy. Therefore females are more likely to have a direct effect from the text. I feel that my text gave off preferred readings as the audience has taken away the message i intended.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Evaluation Question 2

I asked a few people to answer some question about there thought on whether or not my digipak, advert and music video where coherent....

I feel this feedback is good as i can see my audience can tell they're coherent. And also because they seem to agree with the same techniques as me when it comes to promoting the artist.