Thursday, 12 January 2012

Research and Planning - Audience Theory

My intended effect for my audience after watching my music video is for them to feel sympathic towards the artist.  I've done this by creating a narrative that makes her the victim. I feel my audience could potentially be either be a niche audience, very specific or could be very wide. This is because my Genre's pop-rock. The particular song I've chosen edges towards more pop and therefore the audiences age could range between 13-18. I think I could also generalise my audience to mostly girls. 
McQuail says that audiences watch media texts to fulfil particular needs. These need are Surveillance, finding out what's happening in the world, Identity, finding something out about themselves and seeing their own experience reflected from watching this text, Personal Relationships, feeling like part of a group, Diversion/ Escapism, feeling emotions created through this text. 
Media 2.0 is the internet as it is now, meaning people can consume and interact. Flew argues that in comparison to other media products the internet appeals most the audience. This is because its a two way communication, it enables them to both consume media text but also become a producer of it themselves.
Morley suggests that audiences have different feelings and thought towards texts depending or the values expressed within the media texts. These standpoint are; Preferred reading (or dominant) This is where the audience recognise the values being expressed in the text and accept them as natural. Negotiated reading, This is where the audience recognise the text and except in on a general level but adapt their reading of this text to fit in with their own personal experiences. Oppositional reading, this is where the audience disagrees with the text and chooses the reject the idea of it. 
"Audience-hood is becoming an even more multifaceted, fragments and diversified repertoire of practices and experiences." -Ang. This means because of new technology we all we different things and different times. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Research and Planning- Audience Research

 I made a focus group, unfortunately this wasn't too successful but I did get some feedback from a few photos I added...
The questions I asked were-
"would you like to be friends with this person? and why?"
"What sort of character do you think this picture portrays?"