Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Evaluation Question 1

For my initial ideas I was influenced by the band "the pretty reckless" i very much wanted to use a similar idea to her costume and make up. For the video itself i was influenced strongly by an artist called Gabriella Cilmi and her song "Sweet about me".  I really liked the idea of girls getting revenge on there ex's. 
"john tucker must die"
But when things went wrong with the first actress i planned on using i had to change the location of my print work at the last minute. I then decided that my print work didn't match my song and had to change that and therefore my initial ideas were changed too. This wasn't a problem in itself as I liked the new song and had a lot of good ideas for the video.
my video
My inspiration for my original print work was by an artist called Banksy. I love how his work challenges conventions. It's very "hipster" and I felt fit my song well. But again this all changed when i found my actress wasn't as reliable as i thought she was.
Once I'd chosen my new song i found i had inspiration from a film called "John Tucker Must die" There's a scene in the film where the main guy cheats on his girlfriend in an obvious way. He bounces from girl to girl and when the girls find out they take revenge. Although I haven't had the girls in my video seek revenge they do all break up with him.

As I had to change my ideas I had to pitch a few smaller ideas to people from my target audience. the feedback they gave me said the idea wasn't very original or something that stands out as it mostly consists of performance. They also said the story line was weak. This is how I came up with the idea for adapting the "John Tucker must die" theme. Was I suggested this to people from my target audience they found that that was slightly more interesting than the one before which was very simple and seemed very boring. When I suggested filming and taking some photos for the digipak and the advert in woods they did like this idea as its quite original for this genre of music. They said Woods are usually linked to the idea of horror films and they liked how I decided to go against this and use it for a love song. But for my original pitch with my original ideas, the responses I got was that they thought my idea was again unoriginal, but they liked how I had so many costume changes and location changes. So when I came up with my new idea I did in-corporate that advice into it. 
The advert I researched
My advert
In comparison to professional media products I feel mine aren't far off from looking too professional themselves. I think my advert especially looks reasonable professional as there aren't any blemishes and it's edited well. While I was making it I was also constantly referring back to other adverts that I researched to make sure there were some similarities to make sure all important information was on there. 
I feel that my digipak itself doesn't emphasis the band name as much as real media products would. Although the photos looking professional, I very much focus on the main girl and not the band and the name unlike real digipak's would. With my music video, some of it was meant to look low budget (the part when the guy and girl are together)to look creative and original, and the rest is meant to look professional. I feel it's down to my budget and technology available. 
I think the most original thing about my video is the amount of costume changes that are involved. I also feel because I've been inspired by so many other artists, whether its there music video or there costumes and make-up I managed to get such a mix it became almost individual. I don't think there's anything different in my music video from a conventional music video.
Steve Neale says "Audiences take pleasure from genre because of #instances of repetition and difference' "
I think in my music video entropy hasn't been used. There's nothing exceptionally unexpected in my video. I think something that may make the audience slightly uncomfortable is the fact the actress I used barely looks into the camera. Redundancy has been used a lot in my video. But I feel this is better than the use of entropy as it'll mean the audience feel more comfortable watching it and will be able to understand what's going on easy.

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