Friday, 9 March 2012

Evaluation Question 3

From my audience feedback, i can tell that people were shocked when they saw the narrative. I feel that this is a good thing. This shows they all understood what was going on and they also managed to link it to other media text. A few people managed to link it back to the media text i was inspired by and others by text i didn't think of before.
I think some members of my audience could relate to this text and therefore had more pleasure from it than others. I also found this was mostly girls, which is what i originally intended during the planning period. I think my text does offer girls more pleasure than boys, this is because in my video the females are being made victims and the male is being made the bad guy. Therefore females are more likely to have a direct effect from the text. I feel that my text gave off preferred readings as the audience has taken away the message i intended.

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